ODMedia worldwide technical partner of Google Play

ODMedia is the first organisation in the Benelux to become an official worldwide technical partner of Google Play. This allows the Utrecht-based VOD-company to deliver content worldwide directly to this platform. Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO of ODMedia, about the new collaboration with Google Play: ‘‘we are extremely pleased with this development because we are now directly linked to all the major OTT platforms. We already had a direct connection with Netflix, Xbox and Amazon and are able to deliver to iTunes, but this addition completes our offer towards content providers’’.

In addition to the link with OTT platforms, ODMedia is integrated with all major cable operators and IPTV providers. The partnership with Google Play will allow an extension of the unique one-stop-shop service that ODMedia has to offer.

ODMedia’s daughter company Expoza has also had a partnership with Google since 2013 for the popular video platform YouTube. In addition to the technical supply and the uploading of titles within the TVOD environment (Google Play Store) of YouTube by ODMedia, Expoza provides copyright management and development of a complete YouTube strategy.

One Third of Dutch Population uses VOD

In the Netherlands, more than a third of the population (31 percent) uses one or more video on demand services. This is shown by the GfK-report ‘Trends in Digital Media & Entertainment’. VOD is especially popular among 18-34 year olds; 45 percent of the respondents in that category uses VOD. The research of GfK further [...]

ODMedia Completed Onboarding Process Amazon

ODMedia has completed the onboarding process for Amazon. Soon, ODMedia will deliver content to the VOD platform, starting with documentaries and live registrations of world famous artists including DJ Chuckie, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime currently represents 20 million-plus members worldwide and provides certain benefits to it’s Prime [...]

The Environmental Benefits of Streaming

The environmental benefits of streaming a movie rather than purchasing a DVD are staggering, according to a new U.S. government study by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. If all DVDs purchased in 2011 were streamed instead, the energy savings would have been enough to meet the electricity demands of roughly 200,000 households. Even [...]

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