Digital TV Popular in the Netherlands

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The majority of the Dutch people (78%) watches digital TV. Research done by market researcher Multiscope shows that among 25-45 year-olds currently a third (33%) uses video streaming services such as Netflix. A minority of 12 percent of the respondents prefers watching TV using an analog connection and this minority mainly consists of respondents aged older than 45.

Further, the research states that online gaming is popular in the Netherlands. The majority of gamers (a total of 75%) play online mainly using a tablet as device. With regard to music, more than half of the respondents (mostly people who are elder than 35) prefer listening to music ‘the old fashioned way’. Among young people, the percentage that listens to music by using streaming services is considerably higher: one fifth (20%) of people younger than 25 usually listen to music using online services such as Spotify or Deezer.

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ODMedia Facilitates New Video on Demand Platform WappZapp Plus

The Dutch alternative TV provider WappZapp has expanded their services with WappZapp Plus, a premium video on demand offering. This allows paid subscribers to choose from an extensive range of quality films, European documentaries, concerts and children’s series. Encoding, media management and multiscreen delivery for WappZapp Plus is provided by ODMedia ’s Leonardo; an end-to-end [...]

One Third of Dutch Population uses VOD

In the Netherlands, more than a third of the population (31 percent) uses one or more video on demand services. This is shown by the GfK-report ‘Trends in Digital Media & Entertainment’. VOD is especially popular among 18-34 year olds; 45 percent of the respondents in that category uses VOD. The research of GfK further [...]

ODMedia Completed Onboarding Process Amazon

ODMedia has completed the onboarding process for Amazon. Soon, ODMedia will deliver content to the VOD platform, starting with documentaries and live registrations of world famous artists including DJ Chuckie, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime currently represents 20 million-plus members worldwide and provides certain benefits to it’s Prime [...]

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